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Key Features

Natural Language Interface

Easy Business Data Integration

Integrate your website, digital files, databases, CRM, CMS, LMS, KMS, emails, Slack channels, repositories, APIs and more. Streamline your data effortlessly, with just a plug-and-play approach.

Comprehensive Testing Tools

Easy Content Management

The AI automatically extracts metadata, builds content relationships and creates indexes for easy discovery. You can define access controls and authority.

Strategy Templates

Easy Conversational Interface and Personalized Content

We enable users to ask questions in a ChatGPT like interface or dynamically generate answers to questions and learning paths and wikis personalized for every employee or your customer.

Sales Intelligence

Sales Teams:
Empower sales team with get instant answers on customers from CRM and internal accounting systems. As well as empower them to research on prospects and clients through content dynamically aggregated from the web.

Marketing Content Management

Marketing Teams:
Empower marketing teams to create dynamic landing pages for different keywords and search terms based on content already available in the organization. Also, they can use the power of generative AI to generate content for blogs and other marketing collaterals from existing docs.

Market Intelligence

Market Research Teams:
Empower your team to keep a tab on the market for customer research and competitive intelligence and to get updates on new developments happening in the industry, social-political-economic environments, and new government regulations and policies that could impact business.

Built for Everyone

The technology industry relies heavily on knowledge management to capture, organize, and share technical information, product documentation, and best practices both for customer support as well as employee learning and development.

In the healthcare industry, knowledge management is crucial for storing and accessing medical records, research findings, treatment protocols, and patient information securely. For pharma drug discovery, research and competitive analysis is important.​

Knowledge management is important in the finance industry to centralize and manage financial data, compliance documents, policies, procedures, investment analysis, and market research.​

Retail businesses utilize knowledge management to store and share product information, training materials, inventory management processes, and customer service guidelines. They also use chatbots to offer real-time customer service.​

Knowledge management is essential in the manufacturing industry to document and share standard operating procedures, quality control processes, safety protocols, equipment maintenance guidelines, and managing the supply chain.​

Educational institutions use knowledge management to store and share educational resources, lesson plans, research materials, and administrative documents. Knowledge management also helps students learn better.​

The technology industry relies heavily on knowledge management to capture, organize, and share technical information, product documentation, and best practices both for customer support as well as employee learning and development.

Non-profit organizations benefit from knowledge management to store and share information about their programs, projects, fundraising efforts, and impact reports to keep their donors informed.​

Government agencies utilize knowledge management to store and share policies, regulations, legislative documents, administrative procedures, and public service information.​

Any industry where managing knowledge is essential for customer success, employee productivity, operational efficiency, and competitive intelligence will have a high impact gain from implementing​AI Knowledge Assistants.​

Value Proposition

With Generative CI, you're not just adopting an AI platform; you're unlocking an ecosystem.
It's adaptable, scalable, and designed with your business needs at its core.


Improved Customer Experience (CX)
AI knowledge assistants can provide personalized and real-time support to customers, enhancing their experience. These assistants can understand customer preferences, provide relevant recommendations, and address customer queries and concerns promptly.​​


Enhanced Employee Productivity
AI knowledge assistants can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks of manually replicating information in knowledge bases, thereby allowing employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. This automation can lead to increased productivity and efficiency within organizations.​


Continuous Learning and Development
AI knowledge assistants can help enable employees, both new and old, to continuously learn about new developments within the organization as well as in the industry. It can create personalized learning paths for individuals, generating content appropriate for individual needs.​​


Improved Decision-Making ​
AI can aggregate large amounts of data providing valuable insights from them as well as answer questions to support decision-making processes . It enhances the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of the decision-making process by providing timely access to relevant information and competitive intelligence.


Increased Innovation ​ ​
AI knowledge assistants can help organizations think bigger and boost innovation with the power of on demand knowledge discovery powered by collective intelligence within the organization. This can further be augmented by collective intelligence from the web. ​


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About Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned experts and serial entrepreneurs in the fields of artificial intelligence, finance, and investment. Our founders have patents to their name in the field of natural language search and have experience across companies like NYSE, JP Morgan Chase, Charles Schwab, IBM, Yahoo, Progress Software, and others. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a shared vision of revolutionizing the world of asset management and investment analysis."

Product Overview

Easy-to-use no-code trading strategy builder with AI assistance

Easy-to-use no-code trading strategy builder with AI assistance

Get started easily with trading system templates for styles like Trend Following, Momentum, Reversal Trading, etc. Modify and adapt them.